In the beginning

Arrived here two days ago, in the middle of a thunderstorm. The weather has changed. After months of summerheat and drought, it was pouring with rain. And fearing a hot stay in the attic of the institute, I thought: thank God.
I took a stroll down the lower streets of Plaka and came up to a small lane called Agias Filotheos, named after a martyrer from the third century I believe, who was killed by the hammering of spikes through his skull.
It felt like a first glance of a complex I came here to look into.
How European is Greece?
Let me tell you that I am a journalist by profession, although I received an education in anthropology, but that was a long time ago.
As a journalist who writes a daily column in his newspaper I visited Greece twice in these crisisridden years. Not so much to report on political upheaval and rising povertylevels or on the ongoing financial warfare with Brussels, but to understand Greece, its pride and its beauty and its stunningly complex history. Or perhaps to understand European misconceptions.

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