Living during the COVID 19 period means among other things, that you can’t move about a lot.  You have to limit yourself to places nearby and leave your travel plans hanging. It means that you have to keep distance and recede. Sharing becomes more difficult but never ceases to be essential.

Due to movement restrictions students and researchers are not able to visit us and our library is too quiet without readers. It did not take long before we figured out that there was another way we could share our books with them.

A collective project began during which we made a list of all the double books we could give away for free and shared it with the other foreign schools in Athens, the Ephorates of Antiquities in Greece and other parties that might have interest in them.

It was an amazing experience!

The interest was surprisingly big and after almost 5 weeks of organizing, packing and arranging deliveries, our double books found new ‘homes’ where they can be read, used and appreciated. There were about 320 books in our list and we are now left with about 40, mostly Dutch.

Feeling pleased that we could share these small gifts with our colleagues and friends in Greece while creating space for new arrivals we handed out the last books today. Hopefully until next time.

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